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Hotels In Tripoli Benghazi and Agedabya Libya

Amalafrica Hotels Tripoli Agedabya Libya   
As Libya rebuilds its economy and infrastructure there is a huge demand for Hotel rooms in Tripoli Benghazi and Agedabya, Libya is pushing ahead with a huge investment program  aimed at modernizing the whole country. There is presently only one choice if you are looking for a Deluxe style Hotel in Tripoli and that is Corinthia Bab Africa Tripoli Libya, it is however hugely expensive, Corinthia Bab Africa Tripoli is about 3 years old and with out doubt is the Premier hotel in Libya.

There are however other hotels in Tripoli Libya our's being one, Our hotel prices are a lot more reasonable, our Hotel facilities are excellent, the Hotel is in the Centre of Tripoli. The food in our Hotel is second to none you can sample international cuisine or Local Libyan dishes. If you are planning a visit to Libya Tripoli, Benghazi or Agedabya then you may want to contact us we will ensure your trip goes smoothly, from the hotel booking to every aspect of your stay in our Hotels. We pride ourselves on our hotel hospitality at all our locations Tripoli, Benghasi Agedabya. 

Our Hotels in Tripoli Bengasi Agedabya Libya
Are designed with the you the guest in mind, we want you to have a home from home and relax while we take care of you, you must have heard about the famous Arab hospitality, in our hotels you will find it at its best. Want to know more about our Libyan hotels go here. As you would expect with any top class hotel you will find our facilities are second to none and include an excellent mix and choice of rooms, WiFi internet connection, shops, bank, coffee shop, restaurant, meeting and function rooms and much more. Take a look at our photo albums and see for yourself. If you are a business and need to use our hotel on a regular basis please use our contact form for special rates. We look forward to seeing you in our hotel soon.



Our Hotel in Agedabya Libya    
conveniently located just off the main Tripoli to Benghazi road in Libya, we are 30 minuets drive from Marsa El Brega 2 1/2 hours from Gialo and 1 hour 30 minuets from Benghazi. The town of Agedabya is very close to the natural beauty and wonder of the Libya Sahara desert.  The town of Agedabya lies at the beginning of one of the oldest trade routes used by nomads and their camel trading caravans, trading through the whole of Africa and Libya, crossing the vast reaches of the Sahara. Our hotel is very conveniently located to make the most of these natural wonders in Libya.

The Sahara Desert, covering most of North Africa, is the largest desert in the world. From north to south the Sahara is between 800 and 1,200 miles and is at least 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from east to west. Due to the massive size of the Sahara, Africa is split into two regions: that which lies above or forms part of the Sahara and the rest of Africa south of the Sahara. On the west, the Sahara is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by the Red Sea, and to the north are the Atlas Mountains and Mediterranean Sea. The Libya Sahara remains one of the unspoiled wonders of the world.



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